Auto Repair Services West Jordan, UT

Automotive Engine Repair or Replacement

No report from your mechanic is worse than the news that your four-wheeled object of affection requires engine work. But don’t despair – we can fix your engine woes, and have your sweetheart back on the road quicker than you can say lickety split.

We do it all – from component repairs to complete engine replacement.

Diesel Service and Repair

It’s easy to understand why TDIs and other diesel powered Euro cars have cult followings. After all, they sip fuel and last forever – if maintained properly. Oh, and they also have the ability to make Prius drivers very, very jealous (which alone totally justifies ownership). So, if you want to keep your oil burner running like new, we’ve got you covered.

Clutch Repairs and Service

Manual transmissions are a rarity nowadays. Only a few elite drivers like you, know how to operate a vehicle with three pedals. Clutches are made of friction material and require periodic replacement. When your clutch starts acting up, bring it to us for repair.

Steering and Suspension Service

Your undercarriage is home to a bunch of stuff that requires servicing – ball joints, tie rods, struts and shocks – the list goes on and on. These components are especially important to maintain because many of them affect your vehicles handling and safety. So, don’t wait until that wheel bearing fails, sending your wheel and tire flying off into on-coming traffic. Bring your car to us for all of your steering and suspension needs.

Power Steering

Life without power steering it tough – just driving your car from point A to point B gives you’re a workout comparable to a couple hours at the gym. If you’re power steering is leaking, making noise or just plain not working anymore, we can fix it for you.


Whether you’ve got an exhaust leak, naughty catalytic converter or wayward muffler – we can handle all of your exhaust system needs.

Transmission Service, Repair or Replacement

Your transmission is the second most complex (read: expensive) part of your car, being a runner up only to the engine. We can service, repair, or completely replace your transmission right here in house.

Cooling System Service

Your engine has to be kept cool or it may revolt against you, overheating and spewing smoke and water in every direction. Make sure your rig stays cool with proper cooling system service such as coolant flushes, water pump and radiator replacement, etc.

No-Start Diagnosis

You’re running late for work and you just spilled Star Bucks all over your favorite business suit. You think things couldn’t possibly be any worse, then you go to start your car and it just cranks and cranks but nothing happens – nada. If this happens to you (and we hope it doesn’t) it’s time to visit JP Autoworks for a little TLC.

Differential and Transfer Case Service

If you’ve got a howling rear end, a whining transfer case or a somehow otherwise defunct powertrain, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us for repair. In addition to the big jobs, we also do preventative powertrain maintenance such as differential and transfer case fluid exchanges.

Belts, Hoses and Wiper Blades

All of those rubber bits found throughout your vehicle get brittle over time and need to be replaced. Of course, we’re the guys to do it for you.

Timing Belt of Chain Replacement

Periodic timing belt replacement is critical to the life of your vehicle – serious engine damage can occur if you don’t replace it. Most manufactures recommend timing belt replacement every 60k or 90k miles. If you don’t know when your timing belt is due, give us a call and we will look up the replacement schedule for you.

Timing chains are designed to last the life of the vehicle, but sometimes they need to be replaced too.

TDI Diesel Repair

A lot of repair shops shy away from diesel repair, but we relish the opportunity. We love oil burners just as much as their petrol sipping counterparts.

Battery Replacement and Service

When it comes to modern vehicles, battery replacement is anything but simple. In fact, it can be downright difficult. Save your time and sanity by letting us replace your battery for you.

Anti-lock Brake Service and Diagnostics

Even brakes have gone high-tech. On modern vehicles, brake service often requires the use of sophisticated tools, the likes of which, you are not likely to have hanging out in the garage. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to us for anti-lock brake service.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern vehicles have become a gigantic computer on wheels. There are dozens of lights littering the dash to warn you if one of the onboard digital nannies detects a problem with your vehicle. Whether you’ve got a single warning light illuminated, or your dash is lit up like a Christmas tree, bring it to us for repair.

Oh yeah, we do free check engine light scanning too.

Electrical and/or Wiring Problems

The average modern vehicle has more than 40 pounds of copper devoted to wiring hiding beneath its sheet metal. Luxury vehicles typically contain around 1,500 wires – totaling one mile in length. Needless to say, hunting down electrical gremlins is best left to professionals like us.

Interior/Exterior Lighting Replacement

Bulbs burn out – it’s unavoidable, like paying taxes. So, the next time you have bulb issues, bring your vehicle to us for repair.

Regular Maintenance

Tune-ups, Air Filters, Fuel Filters

If you want your vehicle to last longer than that bad tattoo you got in Vegas, bring it to us for route tune-ups and filter replacements.

Oil, Lube and Filter Service

Oil changes are just as important as ever. Don’t trust that quickie-lube place – bring your car to us for you next full service oil change.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance (30K, 60K, 90K, 105K)

You don’t have to endure an extended stay in the dealership waiting room to get your factory scheduled maintenance done – we can take care of it right here.

Fuel Injection Service and Cleaning

Dirty or otherwise impaired fuel injectors can cause your vehicle to run poorly. If you love your car, it’s a good idea to keep up on injector service and cleaning.

Preventive Maintenance and Fluid Flushes

Changing your vehicle’s fluids periodically is essential for its health and longevity. Transmission, differential, brake, transfer case, coolant, and power steering fluid exchanges – we do them all.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Utah experiences wild temperature swings – we can go from bikini weather to frigid cold overnight. To guarantee you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weatherman predicts, bring your vehicle to us for heating and air conditioning service.