BMW Vanos Repair

BMW Vanos Repair UtahMany newer BMWs need repair of the VANO system, this article explains what it is and symptoms of failure.  You may have heard the term ‘variable valve timing’ used in vehicle commercials and press releases. Most late-model vehicles are equipped with variable valve timing, which provides better control of the valvetrain, resulting in increased fuel economy and engine performance. VANOS is the name BMW has given its variable valve timing system.

BMW introduced the VANOS system beginning in 1992. The name comes from the German term “variable Nockenwellensteuerung”, meaning variable camshaft control. From the name, it’s easy to ascertain that the VANOS system continuously adjusts the camshaft. Depending on the speed of the engine, the position of the camshaft will be moved so that the valves can be opened either early or late. Fine tuning of valve operation is what allows the VANOS system to provide better fuel economy, lower emissions and a smoother running engine. The system uses engine oil pressure to operate and continuously adjusts as the engine runs. Double-VANOS was introduced in 1997, and is used to control the amount of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) into the engine, for enhanced fuel economy. Read More